Creating Book Covers with The LogoCreator

The LogoCreatorI’ve owned a copy of the LogoCreator for years, and recently when it got a huge facelift I upgraded again. I think it’s well worth the money for the many things I can do with it. (Sometimes I think it should be re-named, because it’s not just for creating logos – think in terms of ‘any graphics’, really.)

It can do a lot of things that you need for your website and book publishing at a fraction of the cost of Photoshop. (As I write this it costs $37, but check the current price before buying.)

Someone in my discussion group creates her own Kindle covers, and she was asking if there was a way to put a see-through face on to the cover. What she was talking about was OPACITY. You can do this in Photoshop, but you can also do it with the LogoCreator – and it will cost you a lot less!

Here’s the example I sent to the group, showing different degrees of opacity with a cover I mocked up quickly in the LogoCreator (the numbers show the degree of opacity).

Use the LogoCreator for different degrees of opacityHere’s a larger pic of the cover:

book cover with .4 opacityNaturally, when I typed in the size of the canvas, I made it much larger – the size preferred by Kindle.

I actually get a graphic designer to do my Kindle covers, but if I were short of funds or had a lot of books to upload (or had better graphic design skills!) I’d do it myself, and the LogoCreator offers a lot of bang for your buck.

NOTE: As with all graphics programs, there is a bit of a learning curve. Take the time to watch the tutorials on the LogoCreator site, and you’ll pick it up quite quickly.

You can also use The LogoCreator to make your Facebook ‘covers’ (or headers); your website header graphics, and all kinds of graphics for your website.(You can save your attempts as LogoCreator files, so you can keep working on them or make minor changes for a series. You export them as jpegs or pngs.)

The LogoCreator comes with a good set of fonts (you can also use the ones on your computer) and some images, flashes, shapes etc, and you can add additional packs of images. However, there’s plenty here to get started, and for Kindle covers, you’ll probably be importing your own photos/images etc.

Just FYI, I also use the LogoCreator to make this header (I created the 3D book images in another program then imported them into TLC):

Busy Writer Books Facebook HeaderYou can get the Logo Creator here (and watch a video showing you what it can do… and check out the video tutorials under the ‘support’ tab):

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